Trigg County Kentucky

Where beautiful scenery and Southern charm meet is the center of Trigg County in southwestern Kentucky. Trigg County is situated along the Tennessee border and just east of the Land between the Lakes National Recreation Area. Residents in Trigg County enjoy a laid-back lifestyle bound by nature’s finest while still being within just 18 miles of the Southern Kentucky hub of Hopkinsville. With easy access to Interstates 24 and 69, residents can easily travel to other nearby metro areas such as Clarksville, Tennessee, Nashville, and Madisonville, Kentucky.

According to statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau, there are about 14,142 people who live in Trigg County as of 2014. Although Trigg County is fairly small, the rolling farmland, historic districts and outdoor recreation offer plenty for residents to enjoy. This region is steeped in rich culture still very apparent in modern times and residents here embrace the past just as much as they welcome the future.

Downtown Cadiz, the county seat of Trigg County, boasts a pleasant historic district with antique shops, specialty stores and many local favorites. The arts are alive and well here as well, deeply rooted in tradition, such as the local homes of true bluegrass Jim’s Music Store and Lakeland Jamboree. The Janice Mason Art Museum is another local favorite that boasts classical works of art in the highest of qualities.

Recreation in Trigg County Kentucky

Outdoor recreation abounds in Trigg County where Lake Barkley State Resort Park and the Land between the Lakes are nearby. Lake Barkley is ranked as one of the best locations for everything from sport fishing to family fishing and everything in between. More than 57,900 acres of water combine to make this location one of the best fishing spots in the state of Kentucky, according to Kentucky Living Magazine. The lake also ranked No. 12 out of 100 of the Best Bass Lakes in the country by Bassmaster magazine.

Another outstanding outdoor attraction is the Land between the Lakes Recreation Area, which has been a protected part of America since 1963. Managing more than 17,000 acres of wetlands, forests and open green space on the peninsula on the edge of Kentucky, the park is one of a kind in the country. It boasts 300 miles of stunning shoreline, opportunities for water sports, wildlife viewing, camping, picnicking and more. The park also features more than 500 miles of hiking, biking and off-roading trails.

Annual Events in Trigg County

One of the most exciting and well-known events in Trigg County is the Trigg County Country Ham Festival that takes place each October. This event has been a staple in the community for decades and is filled with music, eating and much more. Founded by three residents who realized that the community needed an annual festival like other rural areas, the Trigg County Country Ham event brings together residents for some delicious hog and plenty of entertainment.


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